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Plexippus paykulli

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Plexippus paykulli
(This identification is based on the 2017 paper: Zabka M. and Gardzinska J. "Salticidae of Thailand. Part 1, Genera Plexippus C.l. Koch, 1946 and Burmattus Proszynski, 1992" Annales Zoologici 67 229-242)
Body length:
female: 11 mm
male: 10 mm
This species builds a thin, tangled web like that of a redback spider
Uncertain: see note below
Plexippus paykulli
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Immature male
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Another view
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Front view

It is apparent that the two species Plexippus petersi and Plexippus paykulli are very closely related and therefore not easy to distinguish from each other.

Salticids may bite if held against the skin but the usual result of this is local and temporary pain and inflammation at the bite site but nothing worse than this.

Known range: Probably rare in Australia but specimens apparently have been found in Arnhem Land, Cairns, Bowen and Brisbane.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other salticids but especially Plexippus petersi.

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