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Tarlina woodwardi

Fact Box
Tarlina woodwardi
(R. Forster et al)
(or a closely related species)
Body length:
female: 11.5 mm
male: 8.2 mm
In leaf litter and under logs at moderately high altitudes in National Parks and similar Northern Australian wilderness areas
Uncertain; may induce local inflammation and mild illness
Tarlina woodwardi
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Another view

The spider in the above images fits perfectly the description of a Tarlina species as provided by Forster et al but it is possible the species name is incorrect. Tarlina species are known to be present in National Park areas from the Blue Mountains of NSW to the ranges of South Queensland. They are similar in appearance so it is necessary to examine their genitalia in order to distinguish between them. The specimen presented on this page was photographed in the Greater Brisbane area, which is the locality in which Tarlina woodwardi is the most likely Tarlina species. This therefore is the name applied to the above photos, although the specimen shown is not a dark as the T. woodwardi specimens shown in other photos on the internet and elsewhere. It appears to be a nearly mature male so this could explain its lack of strong colouring.

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