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Hadrotarsine species

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Hadrotarsine species
(Identification as proposed by Helen Smith and probably a Euryopis species: see notes below)
(Subfamily Hadrotarsinae)
Body length:
female: about 3 mm
male: about 2.5 mm
Little is known of the normal habitat of this species but it seems likely to spend at least some of its time in a small tangled web
Probably too small to be harmful
Hadrotarsine species
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View from above
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Another specimen
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Underside of spider
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Dorsal view

The identity of this spider is in doubt. It has been suggested to be an Atkinia species (formerly known as Atkinsonia species) but Platnick's World Spider Catalog in November 2012 says the generic names Atkinia and Atkinsonia are no longer valid and species that were previously assigned them should now be renamed as Euryopis species. Unfortunately, the spider shown on this page does not closely resemble other known Euryopis species such as Euryopis superba on which the tips of all eight legs characteristically curve backwards. However, it certainly has the general appearance of a member of the theridiid subfamily: the Hadrotarsinae.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other theridiids and members of some other spider families.

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