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Isala cambridgei

Fact Box
Isala cambridgei (see source of revised name below)
formerly Stephanopis cambridgei
Body length:
female: 11 mm
male: 8 mm
On or under the bark of trees, especially in eucalypt forests, the spider's colour and surface texture matching that of the bark
Thought to be harmless to humans but treat with caution
isala cambridgei
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Side view

For many years this spider was known as Stephanopis cambridgei but in 2021 the following paper was published: Machado M. and Teixeira R.A. "Phylogenetic relationships in Stephanopinae: systematics of Stephanopis and Sidymella based on morphological characters (Araneae: Thomisidae)" and in this the authors changed the name of Stephanopis cambridgei to Isala cambridgei because of its similarities with Isala punctata, first described by L. Koch in 1876.

Known range: This species is quite common in near-coastal parts of Australia, including Cairns, all of South-east Queensland and NSW, Victoria and Tasmania as well as Adelaide.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A few other Isala and Stephanopis species.

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