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Theridion theridioides

Fact Box
Theridion theridioides
(as shown on the website)
This species was previously listed as Tobesoa theridioides: see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 4 mm
male: about 2 mm
Little is known of the normal habitat of this species but it seems likely to spend at least some of its time in a small tangled web constructed among dry twigs or in green vegetation. It is very common in bushland in South Queensland
Probably too small to cause a significant human envenomation but handle with caution
Theridion theridioides
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Female from above
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A juvenile male
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Another view
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Male, side view
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An adult male
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More females
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With its web
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Its web and eggs

The suggestion that the species shown on this page was once listed as Tobesoa theridioides is is shown in the World Spider Catalog, where Tobesoa theridioides is presently listed as a previous name for Theridion theridioides.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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