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Trachycosmus turramurra

Fact Box
Trachycosmus turramurra
(as named by Norman Platnick but note also the family name change shown below)
Body length:
female: 8-11 mm
male: 6.5 mm
May be found in leaf litter or wandering over open ground
Uncertain; may 'play dead' when handled
Trachycosmus turramurra
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Another view
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Underneath female
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The male
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Underneath male

This species was transferred from the Trochanteriidae into the Family Trachycosmidae as stated in the following paper, published in January 2022: Azevedo GHF, Bougie T, Carboni M, Hedin M and Ramirez MJ "Combining genomic, phenotypic and Sanger sequencing data to elucidate the phylogeny of the two-clawed spiders (Dionycha)" Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution 166 1-14.

Although this species belongs to the same family as the flattened Morebilus and Rebilus species it has a much taller profile than they do. The markings on the upper surfaces of its abdomen and the shape of the fovea on its carapace are distinctive features.

Known Range: Found in near-coastal bush settings from about Sydney to Melbourne.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Trachycosmus sculptilis.

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