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Urogelides daviesae

Fact Box
Urogelides daviesae
Note: This ID is derived from a paper by Marek Zabka
Body length:
female: 2-3 mm
male: 2-3 mm
This spider wanders on leaves and tree trunks and also in leaf litter, the females laying their eggs in retreats built between fallen leaves
Too small to be hazardous
Urogelides daviesae
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The distinguishing characteristics of this salticid are its feathery grey body surfaces, the abdominal ones having a pattern of light and dark transverse stripes. Also noteworthy are the spinnerets and anal tubercle which are unusually long for a salticid and tend to wave in an up-and-down fashion when the spider is moving about.

Known range: Only known to be present in a couple of localities in South-east Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.
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