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Poecilipta venusta

Fact Box
Poecilipta venusta
(Identification of this spider was supplied directly by Dr. R. Raven, Queensland Museum, and also by information included in the research paper shown below)
Body length:
female: 7 mm
male: 5 mm
Wandering in leaf litter
Unknown; handle with caution
Poecilipta venusta
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Male side view

A major revision of the Family Corinnidae can be found in the following paper: Raven R.J. (2015) "A revision of ant-mimicking spiders of the family Corinnidae (Araneae) in the Western Pacific" Zootaxa 3958(1) 1-258, and the species shown on this page can be found in this review.

Distinguishing features of this spider are its overall body shape and colour pattern, its relatively long slender legs, and the mid-abdominal white line across its abdomen. Note also the substantially different appearance of the two sexes, the male and female shown above being found at the same location near Newcastle, NSW.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other corinnids as well as several members of the Family Zodariidae.

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