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Lamponina isa?

Fact Box
Lamponina isa?
(This identification is based on information in a published article by Norman Platnick)
Body length:
female: 10 mm
male: 7 mm
Probably mostly found under loose bark or under logs and stones or in leaf litter
Unknown so treat this spider with caution
Lamponina isa?
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Another view
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Front view

The species name for the spider shown on this page is uncertain because of the lack of certified photos and drawings of the species described by Norman Platnick as Lamponina isa. However, the anatomical description given by Platnick includes statements that L. isa has a white midline inverted V mark on the abdomen as well as a roughly square white spot on each side of the abdomen and a small white patch over the spinnerets, and the spider in the above photographs has all of these features. The known range of L. isa is centred on Mt. Isa, Queensland, but the area inland from Bundaberg where this specimen was actually found could easily be on the lower edge of this range.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Many other Australian lamponids.

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