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Poecilipta janthina

Fact Box
Poecilipta janthina
(as identified by Dr R Raven,
Queensland Museum.
Note: The Australian Corinnidae are presently being revised)
Body length:
female: perhaps 12 mm
male: perhaps 10 mm
Probably wandering over open ground or in leaf litter. This fast-running spider probably catches insects by sheer speed
Unknown so handle with caution
Poecilipta janthina
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Side view
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Another female
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Another view
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Eye pattern

Distinguishing features of this spider are its overall body shape and colour pattern, its relatively long slender legs, and the pattern of coloured bands across the upper surface of its abdomen.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some other corinnids as well as several members of the Family Zodariidae, although the latter normally have pairs of light spots on the abdomen which Poecilipta janthina lacks.

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