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Simonus lineatus

Fact Box
Simonus lineatus (QM)
formerly Zoridae
Body length:
female: about 9 mm
male: about 6 mm
This species is most likely to be found on the ground in leaf litter or on green leaves close to the ground in eucalypt forests in a range of localities
The toxicity of the venom of this species appears to be unknown so it should be handled with caution
Simonus lineatus
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View from above
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Underneath spider

The species name of the spider shown on this page is confirmed by a photo taken by Dr. Barbara Baehr (Queensland Museum) and displayed on the Atlas of Living Australia website.

This species superficially resembles a wolf spider but has multiple pairs of strong spines lying along the undersides of its first two pairs of legs. Its eye arrangement is somewhat different from that of typical pisaurid and lycosid specimens, which it otherwise resembles in overall appearance, apart from the presence of the rows of leg spines. It is the only described Simonus species in Australia and has been found near Perth and also in Central and South-east Queensland.

Known Range: Apparently not common anywhere but specimens of it have been recorded in Longreach, Queensland and in Perth so its actual range is presumably quite wide.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Some pisaurids and many lycosid species.

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