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Arbanitis longipes

Fact Box
Arbanitis longipes (QM)
formerly Ctenizidae
Body length:
female: at least 19 mm
male: 16 mm
In a burrow (sometimes branched) with an entrance collar of silk and leaf debris and a fragile silk 'stocking' that lines the burrow itself
The venom of this species may have a low toxicity for humans but has not been tested; males may exhibit an aggressive stance
Arbanitis longipes
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The female
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Under female
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Side view
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Burrow entrance

This spider is very similar in appearance to some of the Arbanitis species, formerly known as Misgolas species, found around South Queensland and NSW but Misgolas now ceases to exist as a separate idiopid genus. whereas those of Atbanitis longipes do not.

Known Range: The burrows made by this species are quite easy to find in bushland in South-east Queensland and Northern NSW.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Arbanitis species.

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