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Synothele harveyi?

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Synothele harveyi?
(For ID see notes below)
Body length:
female: Uncertain; maybe 15 mm
male: 14 mm
Females are presumed to live in a burrow in protected sites, only adult males wandering above ground
Uncertain; like other members of the same family this spider may have quite toxic venom so it should be handled with caution
Synothele harveyi?
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Side view
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Another view
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Front view

The identity of this spider as suggested above is derived from the following paper: Raven R.J. (1994) "Mygalomorph species of the Brychelidae in Australia and the Western Pacific" Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 35(2) 291-706. It is one of several barychelid species known to be present in the vicinity of Perth (which is where the spider shown above was found) but the images presented above seem to be a better match for Raven's drawings of S. harveyi than for any of these alternative species. On the other hand, because barychelid females usually spend their lives in burrows in the ground it is the males that are collected and females of many Western Australian barychelids have never been photographed. The Find-a-spider website was originally intended to be restricted to spiders of Eastern Australia but the above spider is included because Synothele species are found much further east and north than South-west Western Australia and S. harveyi resembles other Synothele species in most respects, although some species are more nearly brown than the specimen shown in the above photos.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other barychelid species and also some nemesiid species.

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