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Ozicrypta species

Fact Box
Ozicrypta species (QM)
Body length:
female: about 24 mm
male: about 20 mm
May be found in a burrow or wandering above ground
Uncertain but the males may be hazardous to humans
Ozicrypta species

The correct species name for the above spider is uncertain. Based on the contents of the 1994 paper "Mygalomorph spiders of the Barychelidae in Australia and the western Pacific" in Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, volume 35, pages 291-706 written by Dr. RJ Raven (Queensland Museum) the correct species name for the spider shown above seems to be Ozicrypta filmeri, but there are at least 20 described Ozicrypta species recorded for Queensland and several of them have ranges not far from the place where the spider presented on this page was found.

It appears that little is known of the ecology of this species, which can be found in open bushland areas that receive only a moderate annual rainfall. Because of the dense brushes on the ends of its feet this spider can climb sheer walls, although it normally is found at ground level. Males tend to wander in search of females in autumn, the females remaining in their burrows all year round.

Known Range: Recorded in inland areas of Queensland west of Gladstone.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A variety of other trapdoor and false funnel-web species as well as some Australian tarantulas.

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