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Proszynellus species?

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Proszynellus species?
(This identification is based on photos in a 2015 paper by Patoleta and Zabka in Zootaxa 3926(2), 257-267.
Body length:
female: 5 mm
male: 3-4 mm
Proszynellus species are found in open areas of inland Australia. The one shown here was found near Orange, NSW
This species is surely too small to be dangerous to humans
Prozynellus species?
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Male, another view
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Underneath male
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The female
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A related species?

The published photos of the preserved Western Australian Proszynellus specimens used to identify the spider shown above are much lighter in colour but have the same general body and leg shape but they are all of preserved specimens which have lost much of their colour in the preserving fluid. It is possible that this spider is not actually a Proszynellus species but it certainly seems to belong in the Bianor-Menemerus group of salticids, which is where Proszynellus is currently placed. In addition, as mentioned in the Patoleta/Zabka paper, some salticid enthusiasts may have found Proszynellus-like specimens a long way east (perhaps around Adelaide) of the known Western Australian sites where the named species were found.

Known range: Allegedly present in South-east Queensland and Northern NSW as well as around Hobart and in the South-west corner of WA.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Only other Proszynellus species.
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