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Tuxoctenus gloverae

Fact Box
Tuxoctenus gloverae
(J. Shield and also the 2008 paper by R. Raven in Records of the Western Australian Museum, vol. 24, 351-361)
Body length:
female: 6.5 mm
male: 6 mm
Usually found in convenient crevices or on open ground in dry bushland settings
Completely unknown but probably a harmless species
Tuxoctenus gloverae
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Another female
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View from above
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A closer view
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Underneath female

Identification of this species is relatively easy because the paired of dotted white lines along the dorsal abdomen seem to be unique to this spider or at least to Tuxoctenus species and T. gloverae is easily the most common Tuxoctenus species found down Eastern Australia.

Known Range: Apparently present in bushland only in South-east Queensland but some related Tuxoctenus species have been found in other parts of Australia.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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