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Isopedella cerussata

Fact Box
Isopedella cerussata
(This identification is based on similarities with the available named photos: see notes below)
Body length:
female: about 23 mm
male: about 19 mm
Found under loose bark but also on walls in sheds and houses
Uncertain; may induce local inflammation and mild illness
Isopedella cerussata
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Another view
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Underneath female
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A related species?
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Under that species

The genus Isopedella was comprehensively described by David Hirst in 1990-1993 but almost no authenticated images of Isopedella cerussata are available. The spider shown on this page may therefore be a closely related species. However, it was found in Central NSW where I. cerussata is known to be present and it appears clearly different from I. flavida and also from I. pessleri and I victorialis, both of which have have strong leg banding which this spider lacks.

The dark V at the rear of the dorsal abdomen is considered to be an essential characteristic of an Isopedella species.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Isopeda and Isopedella species as well as Pediana regina.

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