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Mt Tamborine trapdoor

Fact Box
Euoplos variabilis (QM)
(This species was first described by Rainbow and Pulleine as Tambouriniana variabilis flavomaculata: see notes below)
Idiopidae, formerly Ctenizidae
Body length:
female: about 35 mm
male: about 30 mm
Females (at least) will be in a burrow with a door
This spider may exhibit an aggressive stance but seems to have venom of low toxicity
Euoplos variabilis
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Door in place
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Burrow opened
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The female

This species was originally named as Tambouriniana variabilis flavomaculata in the following paper: Rainbow WJ and Pulleine RH (1918) "Australian trap-door spiders" in Records of the Australian Museum, 12, pages 81-169. However, the generic name of this spider has now been changed to Euoplos variabilis.

Known Range: This species was once called Tambouriniana because it was initially found in the border ranges of South Queensland and in particular, Mount Tamborine.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Euoplos species.

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