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North Queensland tarantula

Fact Box
Phlogiellus species (QM)
(Note: This North Queensland species is shown in this website because specimens of it are sometimes offered for sale in South Queensland petshops)
Body length:
female: about 40 mm
male: about 35 mm
In a deep burrow among rocks and fallen logs in rainforest areas of North Queensland
Uncertain so this spider should be handled with caution
Phlogiellus species
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Another specimen
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Another view

Like other tarantulas this species has hirsute (hairy) legs and body, brushes on the ends of the legs that facilitate climbing sheer walls, and relatively long spinnerets. The species shown on this page is characterized by black areas on the leg segments closest to the body, a feature not normally seen on other tarantulas.

The burrow entrance for this species is usually open with no evidence of a door, though it may have a collar of spider silk.

Note: Steve Nunn's tarantula website can be accessed at

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other theraphosids such as Selenocosmia stirlingi.

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