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Ceryerda species

Fact Box
Ceryerda species
The World Spider Catalog in 2016 listed only a Western Australian Ceryerda species, C. cursitans, but the male on this page was found in Adelaide and the female near Orange, NSW
Body length:
female: 6-12 mm
male: 5-10 mm
A ground spider (see below)
Unknown so handle with caution
Ceryerda species
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The female
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Female, side view
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Underneath female
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Underneath male

The apparent wide range of this spider throughout Australia suggests there may be at least two Ceryerda species (or perhaps sub-species) in Australia with a collective range covering most of inland Australia.

Ceryerda cursitans has be given the trivial name of Prowling Inland Spider because of the places where it is found and also because it is a swift-running, nocturnal ground hunter that hides in a silk-lined retreat under fallen bark or loose rocks during the daylight hours.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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