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Paraplatoides christopheri

Fact Box
Paraplatoides christopheri
(This identification is based on a paper by Marek Zabka. It was found in South Queensland though the World Spider Catalog lists this as a NSW species)
Body length:
female: unknown; maybe 6 mm
male: 5 mm
This species probably lives under loose bark in eucalypt forests but little is known about it
Only likely to cause local inflammation and pain
Paraplatoides christopheri
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Another view

Among the distinguishing features of this male are its elongate shape and the pair of white spots near the rear end of the abdomen. Note that this male has a scute at the front of the dorsal abdomen. The female of this species apparently has never been described so it may differ in appearance relative to the male shown above.

Known range: Comparatively rare, specimens having been found only on the Darling Downs and near Armidale, Sydney, and Eden.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Paraplatoides nigrum and some Holoplatys species.

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