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Ixamatus species

Fact Box
Ixamatus species
(identification based on a publication by Dr. Robert Raven)
(formerly Nemesiidae)
Body length:
female: about 25 mm
male: about 22 mm
In a burrow, usually in rainforest locations, the males wandering during the breeding season
Unknown but the male (at least) may cause serious illness in humans
Ixamatus species
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Male, close view

This species is not often found by members of the public in South-east Queensland, perhaps because it prefers rainforest locations which tend to be within National Park boundaries.

Please note that Dr. Raven believes the spider shown in the photos on this page is closely related to Ixamatus webbae and may actually be a variant form of that species.

Known Range: This species is believed to be common bush settings in South Queensland and Northern NSW but its range may be wider than that.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: The males of a number of other mygalomorph species (the identification of this species requires the involvement of an expert).

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