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Australothele jamiesoni

Fact Box
Australothele jamiesoni (QM)
or a related species
Previous species name:
Cethegus species (RM)
Body length:
female: 21 mm
male: 17 mm
In a burrow in open forest settings and occasionally in gardens
Uncertain; handle with caution
Australothele jamiesoni
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Female, side view
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Web entrances
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The male
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The male

The unusually long spinnerets are a characteristic of this species. Males also have mating spurs on the tibia of the first two pairs of legs. The burrow entrance consists of a tangle of webbing under logs and rocks but also in grass or leaf litter-covered ground or in crevices in trees. Several entrances can be seen within this mass of web. Males may be found at ground level in the breeding season, which appears to be autumn, but only during or just after rain.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Namirea planipes, Aname barrema, Namea salanitri, and Paraembolides boycei.

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