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False funnel-web

Fact Box
Namea salanitri (QM)
Previous species name:
Probably Stanwellia species
(formerly Nemesiidae)
Body length:
female: 22 mm
male: 17 mm
This species digs burrows in gardens and in open forests. If present at all many burrows may occur in a small area, Adult males may wander at night; females close their burrows with a very thin film of web
The venom of this spider is not known to be dangerous to humans but adult males roam above ground and have large fangs
Namea salanitri
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Female, side view
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A male
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Male palps
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Burrow entrance
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Another male
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Male palps

Namea salanitri is particularly common along the edge of the Toowoomba range. The dark body and lighter brown legs characterise this species.

There may actually be at least two species present because in some specimens tibial spurs (megaspines) are present on the first pair of legs of the males but they are lacking on other specimens. When present, the spurs are not as robust as on Aname males and are not on a raised part of the leg. The tube on the end of the male tarsal bulb bends back strongly on itself, though once again not in all specimens.

Known Range: This spider is common but has been found on the Darling Downs of South-east Queensland.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Aname barrema, Australothele jamiesoni, and Arbanitis species.

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