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False funnel-web

Fact Box
Aname barrema (QM)
(ID explained below)
Previous species name:
Dekana species (RM)
formerly Nemesiidae
Body length:
female: 28 mm including chelicerae
male: 21 mm including chelicerae
This species constructs a burrow possibly with a side branch and a pair of burrow entrances and in open forest locations. In districts where this species is present the burrows are often found in quite large numbers over a small area of ground
Uncertain; males sometimes enter human habitations and should be not be handled though they are probably harmless
Aname barrema
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The female
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The male
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Male spurs, palps
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a different male?
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Under another male
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Burrow entrance

The male of this species is identified by the shape of the spur and double megaspine on the tibia of the first pair of legs as well as the meat-cleaver like metatarsus on Leg I. Most males are collected in spring. Females occupy a burrow up to 30 cm deep with a thinly webbed collar at its entrance. The range of this species is the Darling Downs region of South Queensland, especially including the area from Chinchilla to Stanthorpe.

Known Range: This spider is most common in the Darling Downs area of Queensland and down to the Northern NSW border.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Aname species as well as some idiopids.

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