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False funnel-web

Fact Box
Aname species (QM)
most probably Aname barrema
Previous species name:
Dekana species (RM)
formerly Dipluridae
Body length:
female: 28 mm
male: 23 mm
This species constructs a burrow in open forest locations; no extensive or distinctive webbing is found at the burrow entrance, which therefore is often confused with a worm hole; in some districts these burrows can be found in quite large numbers
Uncertain; males sometimes enter human habitations during the breeding season and should be treated as hazardous although few, if any, bitings are on record
Aname species
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The female
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The male
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Male spurs, palps
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a different male?
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Under different male
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Burrow entrance

The male has a distinctive spur and megaspine on the tibia if the first leg as well as a metatarsus (the next segment of the leg) that is shaped like a meat cleaver. The tube on the male tarsal bulb may be relatively short and is only slightly curved. Most males are collected in spring.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: unknown idiopid, Namea salanitri, and Misgolas species.

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