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Backobourkia collina

Fact Box
Backobourkia collina (VF)
Previous species name:
Araneus collinus (RM)
but Mascord's stated male body length shows this may be a misidentification: SEE BELOW
Body length:
female: 10 mm
male: 3 mm
In an orb web that it destroys each morning
Probably not be significantly hazardous to humans
Backobourkia collina
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B. brounii male?
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B. brounii female?

Note: All of the photos presented on this page may actually be of Backobourkia brounii not B. collina but there is no way of proving this in the absence of body lengths and images of genital structures. Both B. brounii and B. collina have quite variable colour schemes so this is not a feature that can be used to confidently distinguish between the two species. The black patch on the upper side of the abdomen can be present or absent on both species. According to the information supplied by Framenau's group the most reliable way to recognize a B. collina male from a photograph is a body length of only 3 mm, adult B. brounii males being 5-9 mm long. Unfortunately, the adult females of the two species are virtually the same in body length so this characteristic is not useful for distinguishing between them.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: A number of Araneus/Eriophora species have the same general body shape and behavioural patterns as this spider.

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