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Magnificent (bolas) spider

Fact Box
Ordgarius magnificus (QM)
Previous species name:
Dicrostichus magnificus (RM)
formerly Argiopidae
Body length:
female: 12 mm
male: 2 mm
In tall trees or under open roofs; the spider sometimes is in a small retreat made of leaves and does not make an insect-trapping web
Unknown; may cause mild illness but is not considered a serious hazard to humans
Ordgarius magnificus
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Swinging bolas
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Female front view
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With egg sac
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More egg sacs

The two yellow cones and red marbling on the dorsal surface of the abdomen of this spider are distinctive. Also very useful for identification purposes are the egg sacs. These are very large (about 5 cm long) and spindle-shaped, and hang in groups of about five.

Known Range: Known to be in bush settings from Townsville down to Tasmania but especially in South Queensland and in NSW.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Ordgarius furcatus.

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