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Wandella australiensis

Fact Box
Wandella australiensis (QM)
(or a closely related species: see below)
Body length:
female: 6-8 mm
male: unknown
Wandella species are said to prefer dry eucalypt forests and semi-arid environments and while some may make small webs they mostly hide under logs and loose rocks
Unknown but probably harmless
Wandella australiensis
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Front view

The genus Wandella is found widely across Australia and about eight species are recognized. Unfortunately, very few photos of living specimens are in books or on the internet and papers describing each species taxonomically are very limited and difficult to access. The first Wandella species to be named (in 1873 by L Koch, who called it Filistata australiensis) was Wandella australiensis, which is a species found across most of Queensland, including the location west of Bundaberg where the specimen shown above was found. While several other Wandella species are listed in the World Spider Catalog as being present in Queensland in all cases they are NSW or South Australian species with ranges that only seem to extend into southwestern districts of Queensland. For this reason the spider shown on this page seems most likely to be Wandella australiensis.

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