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Demadiana simplex

Fact Box
Demadiana simplex
(the identification of this spider, found near Orange, NSW, is derived from the paper by Framenau at al) but for alternative possibilities see below)
formerly Araneidae
Body length:
female: about 8 mm?
male: about 6 mm?
This species has been found in crevices in the bark of trees and probably does not build an insect-catching web
Too small to be dangerous
Demadiana simplex
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Female from front
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Female and male

This spider shown on this page probably is Demadiana simplex because this species seems to have the widest range in NSW. However, D. carrai and D. milledgei have also been found not very far from the place where the above spider was found and both look much the same as D. simplex.

Known Range: This species is comparatively rare in Australia but has been found around Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Several other very small rounded spiders, especially including some Cymbacha species (Family Thomisidae).

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