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Salpesia villosa

Fact Box
Salpesia villosa
(Note: This name is based on similarities with Simon's original drawings of Salpesia villosa as presented in Jerzy Proszynski's "Monograph of Salticidae" website)
Body length:
female: about 4 mm
male: about 3.5 mm
This rather mobile species is often found on leaf litter and sometimes on bark
Too small to cause significant harm to a human
Salpesia villosa
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Front view
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Rear view
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The female
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Another specimen?

Salpesia species such as Salpesia villosa were previously listed as Cyrba species. The specimen shown on this page was found in NSW and its colours, the three white bands on its cephalothorax, and the four faint chevrons on the dorsal abdomen mean it can only be Salpesia villosa but this name is apparently still in dispute.

Known range: Probably only present in NSW and the ACT.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: This spider has similarities with some members of the genus Jotus, to which it it is said to be related, and also to some Maratus species in the case of the females.

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