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Toxopsoides erici

Fact Box
Toxopsoides erici
(Helen Smith)
(formerly in the Family Desidae but now returned to its original family)
Body length:
female: 5 mm
male: 4.5 mm
This species may be found on tree trunks or under the loose bark of trees in eucalypt forests or alternatively wandering at ground level, some specimens having been caught in pit traps
Probably incapable of causing illness in humans
Toxopsoides erici
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Another view
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Another female

This spider has been found in South-east Queensland and NSW as far north as the Kroombit Tops Forest area of Queensland and at least as far south as Sydney.

Distinctive characters of this spider are its overall shape and markings, its eye arrangements and the rows of parallel spines on the undersides of the first two pairs of legs. There is at least one other Toxopsoides species in the same area but Helen Smith advises in her research paper that T. erici is distinguished from the other possible species by the presence on its leg femora (the first major leg segment) of strong banding.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Toxopsoides species. In addition, Leptoctenus species (Family Ctenidae), many of the Cycloctenidae, and even some Miturgidae and Zoropsidae species have the parallel leg spines and some other similarities with Toxopsoides species.

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