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Mitzoruga insularis

Fact Box
Mitzoruga insularis
(RR and in a research paper)
Body length:
female: 6.5 mm
male: 5 mm
Usually found in convenient crevices on open ground
Completely unknown but probably a harmless species
Mitzoruga insularis
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View from above
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Front view
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The male
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Miturga comparison

The identity of this spider is based both on its appearance and, at least in the case of the male, on the place where it was found. It is part of a group of miturgid genera that includes Diaprograpta, Eupograpta, Mitzoruga and Nuliodon. With the exception of Nuliodon the members of these genera are all quite similar in appearance and not much different than the better known Miturga species. However, the markings on these diaprograptine spiders are visibly different from Miturga species in that (at least on the male) they only vaguely possess the distinctive and easily seen paired rows of white spots on the dorsal abdomen that Miturga specimens have and also have leg spines that are more nearly erect than on any Miturga species.

The spider shown on this page not only matches Raven's description of Mitzoruga insularis but also is the only species in the group known to be present in Central NSW, which is where at least the male shown above was found.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: some other miturgid species.

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