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Carepalxis bilobata

Fact Box
Carepalxis bilobata
(ID as suggested by Volker Framenau)
formerly Argiopidae
Body length:
female: about 5 mm
male: about 3 mm
This spider may build a small, tight orb web late in the evening which it destroys next morning
Unknown, but this small non-aggressive spider is unlikely to cause serious human illness
Carepalxis bilobata
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Front view
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Another specimen
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View from above
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Underneath spider

The external appearance of this species seems to vary somewhat but a pair of strong projections on the front of the abdomen is normally present. Additional confirmation of the identity of this spider comes from photos on the internet of spiders with a similar appearance and labelled Carepalxis bilobata. It should also be noted that C. bilobata is a species known to be present in inland parts of South Queensland, which is where the specimen shown on this page was found.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Other Carepalxis species and some other araneid genera.

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