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Paraplectanoides crassipes?

Fact Box
Paraplectanoides crassipes?
(QM and as suggested by Volker Framenau)
(or perhaps a related araneid)
(formerly Argiopidae)
Body length:
female: at least 5 mm
male: about 2 mm
Probably in a small orb web, at least during the evenings, but this species is so rarely seen that very little is known of its habits
Probably harmless to humans but the female should still be handled with caution
Paraplectanoides crassipes?
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Another view
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Front view
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Underneath male

The spider shown in the main photo above is a juvenile male. The adult female of this species is much larger and its body shape is notably different from that of the male. The carapace is very high, broad and flat in front and the upper surface of the abdomen has the general appearance of a baked pie. a distinctive characteristic of this species is the presence of a row of strong hairs along on the inside edge of outer parts of at least the first three pairs of legs.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: None.

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