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Long-jawed spider

Fact Box
Tetragnatha demissa (RM)
Body length:
female: 15 mm
male: 11 mm
This species typically builds a small roughly circular web in green shrubs, especially near water courses, but may also be found lying along dead twigs or strands of fencing wire with not much webbing present
Uncertain; this is not an aggressive spider despite the fearsome appearance of the palps
Tetragnatha demissa
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An active female
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In its web
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Juvenile female
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Under female

These spiders have very long, slender legs that are often arranged fore and aft along wires or branches when the spiders are resting. The palps are unusually large and often have bizarre shapes.

Known Range: This is rcorded as being over almost all of Australia and Tasmania, including many inland areas.

Spider(s) with a very similar appearance: Tetragnatha bituberculata and other Tetragnatha species.

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